LightRigger originally comprised about 10%-15% of a much larger scripting project related to constructing environments.  When I began work on the LightRigger portion of the project, I quickly realized that it would be better developed and released separately.  The total development time for LightRigger was about a year, and the script has been tested quite thoroughly over that time.

LightRigger originally entered a period of open beta testing on July 20, 2007, and not a single bug has been reported.   Even before the beta test, I was confident that the script was ready for production use and this looks to be the case.  LightRigger was a commercial shareware product until January 28, 2008 when it was re-released as a free script.

Thank you for visiting the site, and I hope you find LightRigger useful.


John Swafford
Developer of LightRigger